La Ratné epitomizes the union of intangible thoughts and tangible designs. The intricate jewellery is born out of this delicate blend and yet, it succeeds in showcasing the individual identities of all the facets of each designer piece.


These are the intricate confines which delicately hold the stones. Do they conceal their expanse or flaunt their splendor? You know better.


The core of every designer piece at La Ratne. The handpicked diamonds, with each facet reflecting the perfection that it has attained. In addition, a certificate of authenticity and trust by GII accompanies every glittering diamond of every designer piece.

Partner with us

Here is an outstretched hand, looking forward to partner with you in this divine conjuncture of perfection and design.

Just For You

Exchange is our policy

If you think you have flaunted your La Ratne piece enough, do get it back to us and we will exchange it for another one.