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We understand that your jewellery is priceless to you. That’s why we determine its value by its gemological makeup, natural rarity and finished quality. Our experts strenuously detect synthetics, treatments and enhancement processes to certify authenticity of diamonds and gemstones, to ensure that your jewellery is perfectly genuine, just like your thoughts.


The value of a precious stone is determined by its gemological makeup, natural rarity and finished quality.Diamonds and gemstones of similar appearance can have important differences in value. Even experts need powerful analytic tools to detect synthetics, treatments and enhancement processes. A Certificate clearly discloses the details of any item it accompanies, providing confidence for both buyer and seller.

Gemstones should only change hands when accompanied by a certificate attesting to quality. Regardless of location or marketplace, an authentic Laboratory Retport is the common language of trust and confidence in the gemological world, and should be considered an essential part of any transaction. We take this responsibility very seriously.


The Diamond

Diamond is an allotrope of carbon and has the highest hardness and thermal conductivity with which it has remarkable optical characteristic for which it has everlasting shine.


Diamonds Cuts

A diamond’s cut is chosen to complement the original shape, its dimensions and inclusions. The diamond is cut so that its flat and polished facets are inclined at the best possible angle to give the stone its maximum sparkle and brilliance.


Diamonds Clarity

Clarity of a diamond is defined by the capacity of light to shine through it without any impediment or obstacle. To evaluate a diamond’s clarity, our experts identify the number and position of the stone’s inclusions that mar its homogeneity. Diamond clarity is graded thanks to an international classification that ranges from IF to SI.


Diamonds Color

The colour of a diamond is measured by an international grading system defined by the Gemological Institute of India and ranging from D to Z, where a D grade diamond is perfectly colourless and a Z grade diamond is slightly yellow.


The carat is the standard measure used to give the weight of precious stones, including diamonds. One carat is worth 0.2 grams. The carat weight indicates the size of the stone but cannot be used alone to give a stone’s value.

The Gold

Gold which does not rust or corrode and chemically least reactive compared to all other metals is considered one of the oldest and highly sought-after metal in the history of mankind. It symbolizes the purity and majesty and was used as money form in the coin age. Gold being a non-oxidizing,which means the shine resists the effect of time. Gold is always used with alloy so as to increase the resistance and alloy also varies pure gold’s natural yellow to obtain white / pink / or may be grey.

Pure Gold